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Dinos Michaelides: "It Is Our Duty to Succeed"

NICOSIA, 16 May 2009 - "The XIII Games of the Small States of Europe are, for us in Cyprus, an opportunity and a challenge," said General Advisor of CYPRUS 2009, Dinos Michaelides. "It is a great event because its gives the Cypriot people the opportunity to have an active role in any area, an opportunity to show our capabilities whilst it is also a challenge because it is our duty to succeed."

Mr Michaelides, who lent us his views on the organisation and the competition of the Games, is a man with a rich involvement in sports as an 800m runner (a winner in Cypriot, Greek and Balkan Games), but had also served as the General Supervisor of the 1989 GSSE, when Cyprus topped the medals rankings first for the first time.

"A huge effort has been made by the Executive Council of the Cyprus Olympic Committee to host the Games. A lot of people, including professionals in the field and former officials with experience, were called into action. Now, we are in the final phase. Everything is almost finalised and it is our hope that we will be totally ready come the Opening Ceremony on 1 June. A total of 25 subcommittees were introduced for the various areas of the event and they have been working with great zeal. I believe they have done some important work," said Mr Michaelides.

The organising body is also made up of a large number of volunteers which the Games, according to Mr Michaelides, will be depending on to be a success.

Speaking on the actual competition itself, Mr Michaelides said, "Apart from the organisation we are also looking towards success in the Games because we are aiming to seal first place for the fifth time in the history of the GSSE."

Cyprus ranked first in the 1989, 2003, 2005 and 2007 editions of the GSSE.

"The preparation of the athletes, who are following a specialised training programmes, started a while back and the tell-tale signs show that they are totally ready for these Games. The National Federations possess the capability and strength to succeed."

"The Organising Committee and the Cyprus Olympic Committee are also giving particular emphasis on hospitality and on highlighting our cultural heritage," concluded Mr Michaelides.

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