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Ceremonies with a Cypriot Character

NICOSIA, 16 May 2009 - The sun, sea and nature of Cyprus will be the focal points at the Opening Ceremony of the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe, which will be enriched with the musical tradition of the island. The Cultural Director of the GSSE Ceremonies is Cypriot composer Vasos Argyrides. The Opening Ceremony, set to begin at 21:00 hours on 1 June at the GSP Sports Complex, will also feature the world-renowned Greek tenor, Mario Frangoulis.

"We wish to put the spotlight on the character and beauty of Cyprus through our Ceremonies--especially the Opening Ceremony," said Mr Argyrides. "The sun, the sea and the youth of our island." Mr Argyrides added that the concept of the programme is a simple one, as befits the size of Cyprus and of the Games. "However, the message that we want to put through is a strong one and has to do with the thirst of the youth of this island for knowledge and with the role that sports can play to achieve this end."

The Opening Ceremony will have three parts. The artistic programme will be based on music written by Mr Argyrides himself, taken from his latest album, which includes arrangements on the traditional music of Cyprus. This first part will centre on the theme of a traditional Greek nursery rhyme referring to the secret underground schools operating during Ottoman occupation and emphasing on the thirst for knowledge by the youth of the time. The nursery rhyme, the title of which freely translates to "My Little Bright Moon" will be performed by a choir of 250 children in three languages during the Opening Ceremony of the XIII GSSE.

More children, part of the Cyprus Sports Organisation's programme 'Sport for All' will also feature in the first part of the Opening Ceremony.

The ceremonial part will follow, with, amongst others, the entrance of the participating teams and the oaths.

The Opening Ceremony will conclude with a concert by Mr Frangoulis, who will perform the official song of CYPRUS 2009, on music by Mr Argyrides and lyrics by Babis Anagiotos.


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