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"The High Level Of Organisation Is Guaranteed"

NICOSIA, 22 May 2009 - The financial crisis has not affected the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe. According to Olga Piperidou, General Coordinator of the Games, a big competition will take place involving the smaller states of Europe and those nations taking part will be represented fully by their delegates. "Even Iceland, which has been affected to a larger scale by the economic crisis, is showing a keen interest and will be present along with the other nations," said Ms Piperidou.

Those were the binding words of the of a person who has a clear view of all areas of the event.

As an official of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Ms Piperidou has been closely involved with large events in the past such as the Olympics, the Mediterranean Games and the Commonwealth Games and is in a good position to make comparisons to the upcoming Games. "We are positive that everything will go well and that the 2009 GSSE will be a high-level competition. We may not have an Olympic Village to host the visiting athletes but we are certainly not lagging behind when compared to other high-level competitions. For example, the transportation of the athletes and the team delegations will be just like it is at the Olympics. And of course, we
abiding by international regulations," she said.

The General Coordinator didn't fail to mention how the upcoming 2009 GSSE will also be a pioneering event. "There will be a television network which will cover all the efforts of the athletes. This is something which will happen for the first time and is considered very important if one takes into consideration the fact that the transmission package will be given to all the nations for free, thus enabling publicity on a wide scale."

The work being conducted by the organisers is in its final stage and is especially intense, so as to ensure the Games' success. However, the hard work doesn't seem to be bothering them too much, as noted by Ms Piperidou. "The hours we have put in are heavy. Personally, I start work in the morning and do not finish until after midnight. Every day, I am working on everything connected to the Games. We have to find the answers to every small detail and, of course, we are in constant contact with the team delegates from the visiting nations. But apart from the organisation of the Games themselves, there are other important matters to attend to. I refer especially to the GSSE General Meeting on 1 June, where Montenegro's membership request to join the Small States of Europe will be reviewed. There may be pressure involved but we are not deterred because we feel that we are part of a worthy effort which aims to serve a good purpose. And that makes our feeling of satisfaction twice as big, knowing that the time we have and give will not go to waste.

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