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Youth Camp - A Home Away From Home

NICOSIA, 25 May 2009 - As well as taking on the organisation of the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe, for the first time in the history of the GSSE Cyprus will also be running a Youth Camp between 1 and 6 June.

Sixteen teenagers aged 14-16 will participate in the camping programme which will be coordinated by five volunteers.

This is a new venture, and while you might expect it to be an added headache for the organisers, the collaborator of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and Head of the camping programme, clinical dietician and athletic nutritionist Nicoleta Michaelidou, assures us that it will be a pleasure to run.

"Over the years we have organised sports camps where over 80 children have participated, so coordinating 16 kids shouldn't be a problem. It is the first time we've organised a Youth Camp specifically for the GSSE, but both myself and my project partner Georgos Oxino participated in the 1996 Atlanta Youth Camp as former swimmers," said Ms Michaelidou.

The six-day camp has two primary objectives, the first being to foster friendships between the children, to give them the opportunity to become familiar with each others' cultures and to develop disciplines that are important in the world of sport.

The second objective is to treat the participants from abroad to some true Cypriot hospitality. The teenagers will be staying in the GSP youth hostel in Nicosia, and will be offered an action-packed programme to keep them entertained, with scheduled activities and excursions over the whole of Cyprus, including trips to both seaside and mountain areas to enable them to experience the island's natural beauty at first hand and to give them a taste of the local traditions.

The children will have the opportunity to watch all the sporting events and will also take part in the official ceremonies which will open and close the Games. As they are all promising athletes, the programme will of course encourage their own physical fitness by including a period of gymnastics every morning to keep them in good shape.


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