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GSSE TV Production: The Big Challenge

NICOSIA, 28 May 2009 - The XIII Games of the Small States of Europe will go down in the history books in terms of television production. For years, LTV has been a class apart with its thousands of broadcast productions of various sports events–mainly team sports–and its productions of the Champions League, regarded as the best football competition.

Preparations for the CYPRUS 2009 began in May 2008 and a big challenge undertaken by an ambitious LTV. All those taking part in the build-up, and especially the directors and technicians, needed to get familiar with the sport events especially those that were unknown to them when it came to live television coverage.

LTV Technical Director Evagoras Constantinides said, "Some people went through extensive training to learn everything about the sport they were going to work on. The organisation took a lot of work but everything was perfected and now we are more than ready. That was also due to the good cooperation with the Organising Committee of the Games but also due to the excellent collaboration with the various National Federations. Without a doubt, the number of meetings that took place were in the hundreds."

He added, "It was a huge operation. With regards to Cyprus, nothing like this has happened before. Just to get an idea, the track event will be covered by 15 to 16 cameras. And let us not forget that the signal from any event that is shown live will also be broadcast abroad. Around 100 people will be involved, in other words almost our entire technical staff."

Apart from the live production, which will see around four OB Vans and over 30 cameras in use, LTV will also be broadcasting continuous bulletins on the ongoing events whilst late every night a 40-minute roundup will be aired with highlights of the day's events.

Every home will have the right to be informed and that is why the highlights will be sent to all TV stations in Cyprus. That is why we say that this year's GSSE are the Games for all of Cyprus.

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