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A Greek-Coloured Evening

NICOSIA, 4 June 2009 - Keeping close to the protocol and the presentation of the host nation’s special tradition is the double bet the Organizing committee is aiming to win at the closing ceremony of the XIII Games of the Small States of Europe.

The ceremony will take place at the GSP stadium, on Saturday 6th of June at 20:30 CY, and it will be separated in two parts, ceremonial and entertainment. The first part will feature the entrance of the athletes in the stadium, the fair well speech by the chairman of Cyprus 2009, Ouranios Ioannides, the greeting of the representative of the IOC, the lowering of the flags of Cyprus and the Games, the handing over of the flag to the Liechtenstein representative, who will host the next Games and the flame turning off.

“Our capabilities to change different aspects of the ceremonial section in minimal, but we will have some surprises, which will promote the host nation” promised Kalli Hajiiosef, a member of the Organizing Committee. In this effort, the philharmonic of the Larnaca municipality, a group of children of the AGO sports program, as well as the choirs of the opening ceremony will have a saying.

“In the entertainment section, our goal is to give a celebrative character to the end of the Games. Glykeria’s participation at the event will be the main highlight, and with her we will try to turn the event to a big celebration with the participation of the athletes and the fans. We want to import the emotional feeling of the closing ceremony but at the same time to emphasize our culture of entertainment, our Greek heritage”, Mrs. Hatziiosif completed.

Along with the highly celebrated Greek singer Glykeria, a ten member public orchestra by Vasos Argyrides and a group of dancers will present their own 20 minute program.

Following the end of the ceremony and the departure of the fans, the fair well party for the participants and the organizers of the GSSE will follow. The athletes and supporting staff of each country, the volunteers, the judges and referees and Media are all welcome to the party”.


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